Liquid coatings with built-in antimicrobial and antifingerprint protection

The most advanced liquid coatings for the widest variety of substrates

Applied via spray, brush, or roller, Sureshield liquid coatings are easy to use and adhere to virtually any type of glass, metal, plastic, and wood, regardless of shape or size.

In addition to built-in antimicrobial, antifingerprint, and easy-to-clean protection, Sureshield liquid coatings are environmentally friendly.

Applied to any material after forming and typically prior to assembly, Sureshield liquid coatings can be clear, solid, or transparent in color.

For manufacturers that already apply a liquid coating after fabrication, a simple paint change may be all that is necessary to begin using Sureshield in the manufacturing process. Sureshield liquid coatings can be cured via an air dry or bake assist method.

Liquid coating features
  • Works on glass
  • Works on metal
  • Works on plastic
  • Works on rubber
  • Works on textiles
  • Works on wood
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable
  • Clear or any color
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antifingerprint
  • Easy to clean