The process to custom design Sureshield

A simple five-step process

The custom development of Sureshield formulations follows this five-step process:

  1. Identify requirements
  2. In this phase, Sureshield Coatings Company works with the manufacturer to determine what their needs and wants are and identifies the customized requirements for the project. (To learn more about custom design options, please click here.)
  3. Receive and accept proposal
  4. Sureshield Coatings Company then provides the manufacturer with a straightforward and detailed proposal of the custom design work. Upon acceptance of the proposal and formulation development agreement, Sureshield Coatings Company begins building the formulation.
  5. Initial formulation development
  6. Sureshield Coatings Company builds the custom formula and provides samples to the manufacturer for feedback or approval.
  7. Development iterations
  8. Based on feedback from the manufacturer on the initial custom formula samples, Sureshield Coatings Company modifies the coating and presents new samples for approval.
  9. Approval and production
  10. Upon final approval and acceptance from the manufacturer, production begins.