Design your own Sureshield product

Customize the look, feel, and more

With hundreds of formulations readily available, Sureshield fits into most manufacturing processes. For those manufacturers that require something more specific in purpose or design, we offer the Sureshield Custom Design Program.

Tailor Sureshield to fit specific needs and Sureshield will give you the exact look, feel, and performance required. The custom-design process is straightforward and cost-effective. Manufacturers that custom design a Sureshield solution always have access to industry-leading technology and support.

Custom designed Sureshield formulas allow manufacturers to create formulas for specific applications, offer additional product differentiation, and attend to growing industry and consumer concerns related to microbial outgrowth and germination.

Manufacturers can customize Sureshield coatings to match colors already in use within their organization, or to match other materials in an existing product line. Sureshield coatings also help manufacturers increase their margins by providing demanded improvements to their new and existing product lines. While staying ahead of the competition, manufacturers can continue to offer innovation in their product lines without the internal research and development costs.

Learn more about design options as well as the custom design process.