Timeless, unparalled benefits

Value that is easy to extract and easy to communicate

Many manufacturers already recognize the value of treating their products with Sureshield. As a result, they not only become, or reinforce their position as, industry leaders, but they also address demands from their various customer bases.

By incorporating Sureshield on the products you manufacture, you can extract tremendous value from your product line. This value may come from one or more of the following benefit points, as Sureshield provides:

  • A proactive response to customers' concerns regarding microbial growth
  • A direct solution to customers' demands to eliminate fingerprints
  • Cutting your customers' costs on expensive and difficult-to-use specialty cleaning products
  • Easy integration (no changes to your existing coating process or equipment)
  • The reduction of odors and stains caused by bacteria and other microorganisms
  • A significant increase in your sales volume and margin
  • The ability to offer a demanded innovation without all the costs associated with developing it on your own