All Sureshield products undergo comprehensive testing

Rigorous testing, thorough quality control

Adding materials to products should be simple and efficient. Before using new materials, though, it is important to make sure they perform as expected and do the things they are supposed to do. With Sureshield, not only do we perform rigorus testing on all of our products, but we continue to test them, even after they are applied and in use. We provide most testing services at no cost to all of our customers.

Antimicrobial Testing
  • Run JIS, ISO, and ASTM tests
  • Test efficacy against a broad spectrum of microbes
  • Bacteria and Fungi testing
  • Complete reports provided
  • No cost to customers
Other Testing
  • Run JIS, ISO, and ASTM tests
  • Test physical performance
  • Measure aesthetic values
  • Custom testing
  • No cost to customers