Treat Wood with Sureshield

The most advanced treatment for wood

Wood is susceptible to contamination and degradation from molds, mildews, fungi, and bacteria. Sureshield coatings for wood are designed specifically for lumber mills to apply to lumber prior to leaving the mill, or to distributors, lumber yards, and wood product manufacturers to spray on prior to outgoing shipments.

Sureshield effectively inhibits the growth of molds, fungi, and bacteria on the coating of structural elements of a building or wood used in other products. Sureshield allows end-users to integrate antimicrobial protection without down time to their construction or installation process.

Sureshield coatings for wood are environmentally friendly and designed specifically for lumber that is susceptible to fungal or other microbial growth. Applied via dipping or spraying, Sureshield is an efficient system for treating wood. Applying Sureshield is a low-energy-output process as it does not require heat or other power-sapping methods for full cure. Penetrating the pores of the lumber, Sureshield provides protection throughout the wood for the life of the lumber.

Available as a clear or tinted coating, Sureshield provides more active protection and is more cost-effective than pressure treated lumber and other treatment alternatives.