The ultimate solution for virtually any material

Built-in antimicrobial and antifingerprint protection and easy to clean

Sureshield is the ultimate solution for virtually any material. From glass to metal and plastic to fabric, Sureshield offers the most comprehensive set of built-in protection.

With Sureshield, manufacturers can proactively address the rapidly growing awareness of consumers and industry professionals of the effects of microbial growth and fingerprints, including:

  • Undesired odors
  • Unsightly stains
  • Product degradation
  • Pesky smudges and fingerprints

50 to 1 Value

Products treated with Sureshield can provide value 50% more value at a cost of less than 1% of total costs. For pennies per square foot or pound, manufacturers can add many dollars of value by preventing odors and stains, reducing the appearance of fingerprints and smudges, and making materials easier to clean.

With unparralleled customer support, technical expertise, and regulatory guidance, Sureshield offers the most comprehensive package of built-in antifingerprint and antimicrobial solutions for nearly any material.